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  • Candidate – Morten

    Hi Coresearch, very nice that you are still thinking of me. The last couple of years I have been contacted by a lot of recruitment agencies – more or less serious, but I will always think of you, Coresearch, as one of the best. When I was searching for a new job three years ago, you were one of the best agencies, I spoked to. You inspired me to focus on my strong sides, and never have I left a meeting with so much confidence.

    Candidate – Morten

  • Candidate – Anja

    I have through the last couples of months been looking forward to send you this message. I have thought about our meeting so many times. The meeting with you and your amazing ability to “see” me was an essential turning point in the process I was in at that time. Sometimes meetings are short and at the same time they play an essential part in a persons life. That’s how my meeting was with you – so I hereby wish to say a 1000 times of thank you for the way you are.

    – Anja

  • Candidate – Jens

    “My visit at your company was very positive. You are very professional and experienced. It becomes very clear. You managed in a very high degree to keep your meetings in a very pleasant tone. I felt very welcome. You had very good abilities to find my values and skills. All the way through the process I felt trust and openness”.

    – Jens

  • Candidate – Thomas Bomberg

    “CoreSearch helped place me in my current position – an exciting job in a great company.

    Previously, I’ve had varied experiences with recruiting agencies, but with CoreSearch, I’ve always been in good hands. They listen, and I feel they made a real effort to match myself to relevant positions in relevant companies.

    Their professional and tailored approach means that I’ve never wasted my time with CoreSearch. Moreover, they’re very pleasant people and a pleasure to communicate with.”

    Thomas Bomberg: hired as Senior Solution Architect at Delegate through CoreSearch

  • Candidate – Mette Lyngbirk

    “I would highly recommend CoreSearch, as a constructive partner when you are considering changing jobs. This company is serious and very professional when dealing with the assignment, and the consultant, that I was in dialogue with, was a positive and beneficial advisor ”

    – Mette Lyngbirk hired as Nav Implementation Manager at ISS


  • Templafy – Henrik Printzlau, CTO & Partner

    “CoreSearch shows sharpness and are very pleasant to work with. The recruitment process was carried out accurately, quickly and professionally because CoreSearch understands which profiles we are looking for – both in terms of skills and personality trait.

    The greatest recommendation from us.”

  • e-Boks – CEO Henrik Andersen

    “Through the past couple of years, we have had the pleasure of working with CoreSearch in assigning leadership positions. We have collaborated closely in finding the right profiles for e-Boks’ organisations in Denmark and the Nordic countries. CoreSearch’s great network leads the way to the right candidates – and CoreSerch’s effective process directs the candidates safely in goal”.


  • Candidate – Gordon Flemming

    I have just three words to describe my experience with CoreSearch: Professional, Competent and Intelligent – the absolute best you can acquire in the market, topscore 7 out of 7 stars ★★★★★★★

    – Gordon Flemming: hired as Solution Architect at Fujitsu through CoreSearch

  • Theis Søndergaard – COO & Co-founder at Vivino

    “CoreSearch successfully filled three Lead Engineer positions for us. We had very high expectations towards the candidates, and were very pleased with the people we interviewed as well as the fact that CoreSearch screened those they didn’t consider worth the time. In the end, we got three great candidates who were a good fit for our team.

    CoreSearch is fast at following up, and you had the feeling that they’re on the ball the entire time. We wouldn’t have been able to find the candidates that we ended up with on our own.


  • Candidate – Mads Peder Jacobsen

    From the initial contact to signing the contract, I’ve experienced a very relaxed – yet very thorough – approach to the process. Already the first time I met CoreSearch, I felt they understood my expectations for a potential change of job, and that they were capable of assessing me as a person, my skills, my strengths and weaknesses very accurately in relation to the job at hand.

    This means that today I have been placed in a job that is perfect for me!

    During the process, I felt secure and motivated to constantly perform at my very best, and I was always met with an honest and open dialogue, professionalism, and a big smile!


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